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At the Heart of Campus Safety — Refocusing the mission of Clery Center

At Clery Center, the purpose behind our organization has never been difficult to define. We work in memory of Jeanne Clery to ensure that every student, parent, and employee can place their trust in the safety of their campus environments.

Over the years, that mission has taken many forms. We have worked with students, politicians, institutions, partners, and parents on an array of initiatives to increase awareness and transparency. They all shared the larger goal of reducing crime, victimization, and tragedy on our nation’s campuses.

At every turn, the “Why” of Clery Center was certain. More recently, however, we’ve stepped back to ask ourselves other questions: Where should we concentrate our efforts? Who needs to hear our message the most? How do we effect the most change?

We now have answers to those questions. Our concentration will be on training, policy, and education; our audience will be our country’s colleges and universities; and we will effect change by guiding those institutions to create truly safer campus communities. We believe that by focusing here, we can directly address the causes of campus violence while promoting the kind of transparency vital for the Clery Act’s success.

Clery Center Today

Today, we are proud to share a new Clery Center website that gives education officials clear direction for creating safer campuses.

Immediately, you will notice the entire site has been streamlined, making it easier to find and understand the requirements of the Clery Act. Education professionals now also have simple access to Clery Center Membership and training services, so they can get their teams educated about their campus safety roles. Every page demonstrates the importance of a proactive campus safety approach, because we want higher education leaders to know there’s always a step they can take today. And when the next step is uncertain, Clery Center is here to show a way forward.

The look and feel of Clery Center has also changed. Our new logo represents cooperation, focus, and transparency – all vital to our organization’s mission. Across our materials, you will find colors and patterns that reflect our positive, action-oriented spirit. Finally, our new tagline acts as a reminder of the constant “Why” behind Clery Center’s founding. It is simply, At the Heart of Campus Safety.

Please take a few minutes to explore our refreshed site. We have truly come so far – and we are excited for everything else we have yet to do!

Alison Kiss
Executive Director, Clery Center