Post-Conference Report Now Available

The Clery Center for Security On Campus hosted its 2013 Proceeding In Partnership conference on October 16, 2013 in San Antonio, TX. Over 125 participants joined the Clery Center to dialogue with experts and each other about campus safety issues impacting higher education.

In an effort to continue this critical dialogue, the Clery Center documented these conversations and key takeaways in its recently-released Proceeding In Partnership Post-Conference Report.

Proceeding In Partnership featured presentations and panels of the nation’s leading experts in campus safety, emergency management, and sexual violence. In addition to the day’s presentations, the Clery Center conducted roundtable activities with participants to identify some of the challenges and opportunities higher education institutions currently face.

Both presenters and participants offered unique insight as to how colleges and universities address campus safety concerns related to active shooters, sexual misconduct, the Clery Act, and Title IX. A common thread woven throughout the presentations and the roundtables was the need for collaboration between multiple disciplines on campus.

The Post-Conference report highlights the information shared by expert panelists and participants, as well as takeaways and next steps for those working to improve campus safety The report specifically covers promising practices and action steps for addressing issues related to active shooters, sexual misconduct, and compliance with the Clery Act and Title IX.

Beyond summarizing the discussions and presentations held at the conference, the report also identifies key themes for consideration and questions individuals can ask to spark a conversation on their own campus.

The report is available for download at the bottom of this page, along with presentation slides from the day’s sessions.

We hope that you'll read, share, and continue to connect with us as we work together for safer campuses nationwide