At the Heart of Campus Safety — Refocusing the mission of Clery Center

Today, we are proud to share a new Clery Center website that gives education officials clear direction for creating safer campuses. read more >

New Resource: Online Clery Act Self-Assessment Tool

Clery Center’s Online Jeanne Clery Act Self-Assessment Tool aims to tackle the most common Clery Act compliance challenges: coordination between campus departments, inconsistent or missing policies. read more >

Statement from the Clery Center Regarding "Rolling Stone"

The Columbia Journalism School’s report on the "Rolling Stone" article “A Rape on Campus” is a powerful reminder of the damaging impact of ineffective reporting. read more >

Free Resource: "Hunting Ground" Viewing Guide

The Clery Center is excited to share our "Hunting Ground" Viewing Guide, which suggests things to consider prior to screening the film and outlines follow-up action steps after the screening. read more >

Open Letter to Senator Claire McCaskill

We were disappointed to read comments from your keynote at Campus Safety Magazine’s National Forum at which you stated that your goal is to “remove..the Clery Act completely,". read more >