For 30 years, we’ve worked collaboratively with individuals and organizations that share our commitment to preventing violence on our nation’s campuses. Today, you can join Clery Center in advancing campus safety and helping to fulfill our vision of safer campuses nationwide.

Whether you chose to sponsor an ongoing Clery Center program, launch a fundraising page to raise awareness, or simply wish to make a donation, you or your organization can meaningfully contribute to the cause of campus safety. And because Clery Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your contribution is tax deductible.

In honor of Clery Center’s 30th anniversary, we’re introducing new ways for you to get involved. Learn more about how you can help.

Opportunities for Corporate Partnership

National Campus Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM)

Earn nationwide recognition for your brand while supporting a campus safety initiative backed unanimously by the United States Congress.

Your support of Clery Center efforts during NCSAM will connect you with hundreds of representatives from institutions of higher education. Last year, more than 1,800 participants interacted with co-branded Clery Center e-blasts, webinars, and online content.

NCSAM Sponsorship Opportunities

Co-Presenting Sponsor


  • Website branding (logo and link)
  • Featured in email promotions
  • Sponsorship thanks via social media
  • List of contacts from the month
  • Joint webinar creation and presentation*

Safety Partner


  • Website logo and link
  • Featured in email promotions
  • List of contacts for the month
  • Social media exposure



  • Website logo and link
  • Listed in email promotions
  • List of contacts for the month



  • Website listing (name)

For more information on NCSAM, see our NCSAM initiative page.


* Webinar content must be educational in nature and in line with NCSAM campaign goals. Topic and content will be designed and created in tandem with Clery Center and final content must be approved by Clery Center staff. Joint participation planning must be completed by July 8, 2017.

Jeanne Clery Act Training Seminars (CATS)

Engage participants from a broad selection of colleges and universities through Jeanne Clery Act Training Seminars. This special curriculum was designed by a multidisciplinary team of experts and practitioners in the fields of campus law enforcement and student affairs.

CATS Sponsorship Opportunities

Level 1: Co-Presenting Sponsor


  • Featured 20-minute lunch presentation at 9 training events
  • Logo on manual
  • List of event participants
  • One scheduled webinar co-facilitated with the Clery Center
  • Listing on Clery Center website
  • Collateral materials for trainings
  • Two registrations per event (for corporate or client use)
  • Press release acknowledging partnership

Level 2: Event Sponsor


  • Featured during the event welcome
  • Opportunity to address participants at the event welcome
  • Choice of one regional event (9 options)
  • Two registrations for event (for corporate or client use)
  • Participant list
  • Local press release

Welcoming Nonprofit Partnership

Join the growing list of nonprofit organizations that are working towards safer campus communities. We have partnered with colleges and universities, local law enforcement, foundations, and associations concerned with higher education to pool our ideas and resources for our nation’s institutions.