Clery Center Team

Alison Kiss

Executive Director

Alison brings a lifetime of higher education and criminal justice expertise to her leadership position. ...

Abigail Boyer

Associate Executive Director

With extensive crime prevention experience, Abigail manages an array of Clery Center programs....

Laura Egan

Senior Director of Programs

Working directly with colleges and universities, Laura provides training support on Clery Act compliance....

Deborah Shelley

Chief Financial Officer

A 10-year Clery Center veteran, Deborah oversees financial affairs and materials acquisition....

Amy Guthrie

Director of Information Technology

Amy leads all technological initiatives in support of Clery Center’s programs and mission....

Christine Arnold

Senior Director of Operations

Christine has worked at every level of Clery Center operations and now oversees all office administration....

Megan Reedy

Director of Outreach

Megan works with institutions to plan and organize hosted trainings, campaigns, and seminars....

Tracy Ritter

Director of Campus Initiatives

Tracy brings a teaching background to her role coordinating Clery Center Membership and grant programs....

Victoria Ogundipe

Project Coordinator

Supporting our OVW Logistical Project, Victoria previously worked for The Newark Trust for Education....

Kristen Sweeney

Director of Communications

Kristen graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design....

Board Members

Board of Directors

Constance B. Clery, Co-Founder and Chairwoman Emerita

Benjamin F. Clery, Treasurer

Joseph McGettigan, Esq.

Howard K. Clery, Jr., Co-Founder (In Memory)

Andrew R. Cagnetta, Jr.

Gail Minger

Roger Carolin, Chairperson

Gary DeVercelly

Bill Mitchell

Gerianne DiPiano, Vice-Chairperson

Julie DeVercelly

Anne Seymour

George W. Dowdall, Ph.D., Secretary

Emeritus Member

Frederick Whittemore

Chairwoman Emerita

Mary Swanson

In Memory

Frank Carrington, Esq., (In Memory)

Thomas B. MacCabe, Jr. (In Memory)