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Clery Today: Counting Clery Crimes

June 18, 2018

2:00 - 3:30 PM ET

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Clery Today Webinar Series

Since 1990, the Clery Act has guided and transformed campus safety efforts. Its evolution over the years caused campus needs to shift and change.  Today, while many institutions and professionals might be familiar with the foundation of Clery Act requirements, they still have questions about its application, particularly in relation to most recent Department of Education guidance coupled with national campus safety trends and concerns. Our Clery Today webinar series focuses on breaking down relevant, pressing concerns campus safety professionals face in implementing Clery Act requirements.

Clery Today: Counting Clery Crimes

Cost: $99.00/person (free for Clery Center members)

From determining what evidence demonstrates bias for a hate crime classification to understanding whether or not a violation of alcohol or drug policy is also a violation of state and local law, the nuances of Clery crime classification can be confusing or even overwhelming at times.  When coupled with adhering to separate state-specific reporting requirements, for some schools this seemingly mundane Clery Act requirement can become downright frustrating. Join us as we hash out the most helpful points to consider when making Clery crime classification determinations including:

  • Appropriately applying the Hierarchy Rule
  • Understanding the most up to date versions of all Clery crimes including VAWA crimes
  • Reviewing guidelines to consider when determining evidence of bias for classifying an incident as a hate crime under Clery
  • Recognizing the differences to consider when classifying alcohol/drug/weapons law arrests vs. referrals

Please submit any questions regarding Clery crime classification you would like answered during the webinar to either Abigail Boyer at gro.r1529671596etnec1529671596yrelc1529671596@reyo1529671596ba1529671596 or Laura Egan at gro.r1529671596etnec1529671596yrelc1529671596@nage1529671596l1529671596 at least 24 hours before the start of the webinar.  We will do our best to address these questions during the webinar but might be unable to answer all due to time constraints.

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